Awesome Japanese Zebra Cheesecake

A delight for the eyes and the tummy!

This Zebra cake is bound to impress your friends, and your Instagram followers! This is perfect for an animal themed party – or even a classy black and white themed affair.

This Japanese Zebra cheesecake is a little bit tricky but boy, will you reap the rewards. Light, beautiful and delicious, mastering this culinary delight will have you dancing round the kitchen with an oven glove in one hand and your cake knife in the other. Try your hand at this exotic delight!

Check out this recipe in the link below!





125g Cream cheese, room temperature
120g White chocolate (Meiji brand)
3 Cold Eggs, 70g each
1/2 tbsp Lemon juice and zest of half lemon
125 Cream cheese, room temperature
110g Milk chocolate (Meiji brand)
3 Cold eggs, 70g
1 tsp Vanilla extract




For the recipe: Click Here

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