Blackberry Swirl Marshmallow Gateau: A Heavenly No-Bake Treat

Because not all great cakes need to be baked.

Who knew store-bought sponge flan cakes can turn into something this gorgeous? A simple start to this layered cake is all you need to impress your loved ones. Add in some fresh blackberries that’s sweetened, thickened, and mixed into marshmallow and you’ve got yourself a delicious, no-bake cake that’s definitely for the books.
This cake with sponge and meringue-like marshmallow layers will be a really nice treat for those who want to enjoy a delectable yet fruity dessert. It’s easy and ideal for when you want to wow your guests.  The blackberry compote that’s folded into the marshmallow adds the right tangy flavor for this rich cake. Perfect for when you want to serve something pretty and just as tasty!

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