Creamy And Minty Asphalt Pie

Heavenly And Fresh!

This Minty Asphalt Pie is amazing!.  It is a frozen mint ice cream treat with crushed Oreos and caramel. It is out of this world!  It is super easy and super delicious, made with only 4 ingredients.

Caramel and Mint are a rare combination! But believe me, it does do wonders to any recipe. Try this recipe and you will not regret it. This is a great spring, summer recipe. A wonderful treat for minty ice cream lovers! This is heavenly and tastes great. The mint flavor is so fresh and mouthwatering. Oreo crust adds perfect crunch to this pie. This is a great dessert for hot weather!

Check out this recipe in the link below!    





1 pre-made OREO cookie pie crust
1.5 quart container Mint chocolate chip ice cream, softened
Caramel Sauce
5 OREO Cookies, crushed
Whipped Cream




For the recipe: Click Here

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