Enjoy These Moist and Delicious Sweet Potato Muffins

How about experimenting with sweet potatoes?

Besides those delicious sweet potato pies, did you know that you can turn them into sweet potato muffins? Whatever sweet potato you have on hand, you can turn them into these sweet treats. These are quite similar in flavor to the pies, but made even richer by adding some chopped pecans to make them even more delectable.

These muffins almost look and taste like cupcakes if they had the yummy frosting. The sweet potatoes are softened and then scooped out into a mash, and the rich batter is mixed with generous heaps of pecans that complement the sweet potato flavor with that nutty delight. Top it off with even more pecans and a pinch of sugar, bake it to a perfectly moist finish, and you’ve got fantastic muffins.

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