Go Healthy With These Delectable Oatmeal Cookies Made With Spelt Flour

Who’s in for some oatmeal cookies?

Oats are healthy to eat and a good source for a high fiber diet. For many it is a cereal as well. But when they are made into cookies, they become more exciting and enticing to munch on. This oatmeal cookie recipe is just one of the many recipes out there but while many of those recipes use wheat flour, this recipe makes use of a healthier flour known as spelt flour.These healthy oatmeal cookies can be eaten for both for snack, and dessert as well. You can also have these on the move, or with a coffee or simply with a glass of milk.

Who’s in for a coffee?

These cookies are good to go with or without any beverage. As these are made from spelt flour, these are heavier to eat so can be had as a snack on those busy days when you don’t get time to even budge from where you are at. These cookies are easy to bake and can be stored with ease. Enjoy!

Just click the link below for the recipe and realize how easy it can really be!



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To learn how to make these Delectable Oatmeal Cookies: Click Here

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