Refreshing Brownie Bottom Ice Cream Cake

Source of extra energy for the whole day!

Your kids will love this luscious brownie bottom ice cream cake. If you prepare this let’s say once a week, they will surely look forward to the day when you will be making this for them. This ice cream cake is so rich and flavorful. It is a 3-layered ice cream cake recipe with a unique brownie bottom.

Yes, you read it right! It is brownie and ice cream in one luscious recipe that makes a great after-meal dessert or snack especially on hot afternoons.  This however, must be served immediately to prevent the cream from melting. Enjoy and be refreshed!

Check out this recipe in the link below!




1 box Brownie Mix, 15-18 oz (NOT Family Sized) made according to package directions in an 8×8 pan
1½ cups chocolate frosting
1.5 qts Cookie Dough Ice Cream (or your favorite flavor)
1 cup heavy whipping cream
¼ cup granulated sugar
sprinkles to garnish



For the recipe: Click Here

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