Snickers Inspired Chocolate Cake With Caramel And Marshmallow Cream – Great For Kids Birthday Party

Snickers Chocolate Cake To Die For!

I’ve tried a lot of different cake recipes, but this Snickers chocolate cake is one of the easiest and best speciality style cakes I have ever made. The chocolate caramel frosting is absolutely incredible and I have actually used it on several other types of cakes and cupcakes for a unique frosting.

This cake is just right for any occasion whether it is a birthday, dinner party, graduation or an anniversary. I sometimes even make this cake just for an after dinner dessert for my family. The cake is moist and everyone just loves it. You feel as though you are eating an expensive cake from a top level bakery.

Watch the video below for the ingredients and instructions, You will absolutely love how simple and easy it is!

Special Thanks To Tatyana at TatyanasEverydayFood For This Recipe Video