Tasty Upside-Down Pineapple Cheesecake

Quick and satisfying!

Cheesecakes have been one of the top desserts that people love. Cheesecakes might be simple as they look, but they have variations and they taste really good. This one is special because it has a touch of pineapple in it. It’s a 3-layer pineapple cheesecake.

The bottom layer is composed of 3 ingredients – butter, brown sugar and maraschino cherries. Top this off with a cake batter. For the middle layer, which is the cheesecake filling, you need cream cheese, sugar, sour cream, vanilla and salt. Mix these up and bake it under 350 degrees for an hour. For the top layer, combine vanilla cake mix, pineapple juice, vegetable oil and eggs. Pour the filling in a container and bake it under 350 degrees for 45 minutes. Cool the cakes down and assemble them carefully.

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