The Super Easy “No Bake” Mango Cheesecake Recipe

Your Perfect Summer Time Cheesecake!

Mangoes are a deliciously sweet fruit, and they make the perfect ingredient for a no bake cheesecake. Pureeing the mangoes and mixing them with gelatin creates the cheesecake’s sweet topping. The cheesecake has a sweet graham cracker base made with sugar and butter. For the filling, cream cheese, sugar, vanilla extract, and heavy whipping cream are combined.

After placing filling on the crust, the topping is placed on it, and some sliced mango is arranged on the topping. The cheesecake is easy to make, with the only possible difficulty being whipping the cream without overdoing it. If made at least six hours in advance, it can be the perfect end to a dinner.

Watch the video below for the full recipe of this delicious Mango Cheesecake.