Triple Layer Pomegranate Mousse Dessert

An Amazing No Bake Fall Season Dessert

Pumpkin and spice are so yesterday. Freshen up fall with the tangy taste of pomegranate.  This Triple Layer Pomegranate Mousse  dessert is elegant and, because no baking is required, it is really easy to pull together.

The first layer is no-bake cheesecake, and the next is creamy Jell-O blended with cheesecake, followed by full-on pomegranate Jell-O and a glorious layer of pomegranate seeds on top. This is great to savor, it is creamy and crunchy – and, with the seeds on top, it also packs the health benefits of this special fall fruit.

Triple Layer Pomegranate Mousse Dessert1

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