Wonderful Easter Candy Pinata Cake

A cake to surprise them all!

Every Easter get together, there is always a cake. This has become something of a tradition. So why not make the tradition even more special by making an amazing Easter Pinata cake. If you have only a little extra time, lets go ahead and make a cake that is going to surprise everyone not just once, but twice!

This Easter Pinata Cake is simple to make but beautiful to look at. As such, this cake is the perfect one for you this Easter. Your family and friends are surely going to love how it looks. But wait until you start cutting the cake to see their jaws drop. The secret here is that there are candies hidden inside the cake, just like in a pinata. No one will see it coming! And to make things better, it is going to taste amazing as well.

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Easter Candy Pinata Cake

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